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How should buyers select a good furniture manufacturer?

This is a confusing question for many buyers, because there are so many suppliers in China, and the same product has a lot of prices, so how should we choose the best quality with good price manufacturers?


First, we need to investigate the strength of the factory, whether there is a website, showroom, business hours, and clear factory information.


Second, the manufacturer's supply capacity and whether the production delivery is on time.


Third, the manufacturer's service and integrity. The after-sales service of small factories cannot be guaranteed, so do not try to choose small factories and some small workshops.


Fourth, the quality of the product.

This is one of the biggest concerns for each of our buyers.

But here comes the question, do you want the cheapest price with the best quality? The answer is: impossible.

Because price and quality are equal, it is impossible for furniture to have the best quality and the cheapest price. The quality of the product is based on the materials used, and the cost of good materials is also high. In addition, good quality furniture should not only have good materials, but also have good masters. No matter how good the material is, if an ordinary worker processes it, he will not be able to make the best thing in the end.


When buyers can't go to the factory, how should we distinguish the quality?

We can first have a preliminary understanding of product quality from buyers' clear acturall pictures and videos. In addition, if you have an agent, you can ask the agent to visit the showroom and factory, so that you can know more information about the factory.


In the end, a powerful manufacturer also depends on the raw materials of the factory and the skills of workers.


Don't be greedy for petty cheap, you get what you get for every penny.

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